Why are Check-ins so important to your business?

Published by: Gary Kraeger
Topic: Mobile,Loyalty,Retail,Social media
Why are check-ins are so important to your business? Those who have been marketing on Facebook for years know that viewership of your business posts are down. Facebook now hides many business post from people who liked your page. Facebook needed to produce revenue so they limited business reach on Facebook hoping to have businesses pay so more people would see your posts.
However; there are ways to help your business show up more on the time lines of your customers. How does this help? A check in is a lot like a referral. People often ask friends for recommendations on things such as dining out and other local venues. Check ins are a lot like referrals. When someone checks in to your business on Facebook all their friends see where they are.
Let's take a look at the numbers; if your business was able to receive 50 check-ins per day from Facebook friends, that means each day 10,000 people are seeing your business name and information because an average person has about 200 Facebook friends. What other advertising media offers you that kind of exposure for free?
At Kroowd we allow you to request check ins in a few different ways. We ask for a check in through the mobile app and we ask for a check in whenever someone logs onto your wifi network. This give people an easy way to earn points. You now have a team of marketers working for you. We just added check ins for Foursquare, Twitter, and Untapped to increase your reach even further than Facebook.




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