About RealtorReach(sm)

RealtorReach(sm) was founded by three entrepreneurs who sought a better way to market their existing customers' businesses online. Rob Thrasher, Gary Kraeger and Greg Alton witnessed, researched and otherwise cataloged countless firms that attempted to sell one slice of the marketing pie. Web-based marketing started out simple and morphed over time into a dizzying array of endless options. From Facebook, to mobile to apps and more. Each of these 'partial' solutions exhausted business owners' time and money. Owners and managers are already pressed for time just managing their business. These three entrepreneurs, after years of research and coding, announced Realtor Reach for the busy real estate professional. Watch for more solutions for your industry soon!

The founders of Realtor Reach have extensive history and experience producing, and using, online marketing and sales systems. Realtor Reach is a culmination of over thirty years of combined experience and product development into one solution. Developers struggled with methods to better produce and edit websites, so NetDesign created an HTML editor, ActivEdit. Coders from the Pentagon, Fortune 1000 firms and more, embedded ActivEdit into existing websites so that users could more easily edit sites and other portals such as a military classification portal. NetDesign, later, with more partners, became CFDev and ActivSoftware. The team continued to create web-based components and grew to a customer base of over 10,000.

Later, the need too send massive amounts of email arose for large retailers such as Walmart, and thus sprung XMS Mail Server and Campaign Intelligence. Legitimate senders of bulk email were typically, and erroneously, flagged as spammers. Now, came Zrinity. Rob moved on and Gary managed Zrinity which has been focused exclusively, and successfully, on email delivery to the inbox. Gary managed coders that produced code and algorithms to more successfully successfully deliver massive amounts of email and also methods to track the email.

Rob sold online business solutions in the Upstate New York marketplace for years. He produced research that indicated that online marketing managers had similar, and mission critical, struggles with normal every day business. They constantly outsourced web development to a third party, didn't bother with email marketing because it was cumbersome, used Facebook but had no idea who their Facebook fans were, didn't know who the loyal customers were, nor how to market to these customers and many more issues.

Rob and Gary teamed back up and conducted research over another year. They launched a host of individual solutions such as LoyaltyNoggin and from this conglomerate of solutions they spawned systems that were very specific to various industries. Realtor Reach is one of these automated online marketing and sales systems. Realtor Reach is a fully automated and easy to use system for real estate agents and brokers. Realtor Reach increases online penetration, website traffic and sells more real estate. Realtor Reach was built by a team of online marketing gurus and real estate agents FOR real estate agents.

Our History
Launched NetDesign
Database-Driven Web Application Development
Built Ecommerce Platform for the following companies:
  • Northern Saftey
  • WWSport
  • FrenchToast
  • And many more...
  • Recognized by the NY Times as leader in Search Engine Marketing
    Launched ActivSoftware
    Built Software Components for Web Developers
    Built Activedit a WYSIWYG editor which was purchased by many Fortune 500 companies:
  • NASA
  • Bank of America
  • New York Stock Exchange
  • Disney
  • Ticketmaster
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Duke University
  • And many more...
  • Built ActivMail, ActivSpell and ActivScan
    Launched Zrinity
    Marketing and Transactional Email Software

    Built Email System for:
  • Golf Channel & GolfNow
  • Subaru
  • Primerica
  • SendWordNow
  • Centurylink
  • PGA of America
  • Webs
    Launched RealtorReach
    RealtorReach was born. We determined through research it was time to tie all of our achievements & software platforms together, sprinkle in a few new additions and take a new product to real estate professionals. These professionals sought a better way to market their business online, increase website traffic, increase sales and profit from one management portal. RealtorReach is a true "one-stop shop" for your online real estate marketing and sales needs.
    To be continued...  
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