Three Ways to Build Your Email Subscription Lists

Published by: Greg Alton
Topic: Email,Mobile
If you’re a business owner and you’re not already doing email marketing, it’s probably because you have trouble building a subscription list or trouble creating interesting content. I’ve written other articles on content and will continue to do so, but I’d like to lay out the three most effective methods for building subscription lists in this article.
Every subscription you collect is a potential customer and or a better informed and possibly a more loyal and frequent shopper. It’s worth an investment in time and money.
Place an email subscription form on your web blog and on your home page if your blog isn’t your home page. Your blog should be the center of your online universe. It’s where customers learn more about your business and current events over time. Your blog needs to be responsive, meaning that it’s optimized for mobile devices so that content can be found in google searches on mobile devices where nearly 3 out of 4 web pages are now consumed. If you haven’t already implemented a similar newsletter subscription architecture, you should make that a priority this year. LoyaltyNoggin has email forms you can integrate into your current website and offers affordable responsive web application design and hosting.
Offer a discount for a subscription to your newsletter at checkout. Getting the opportunity to communicate current events and special offers is worth much more than the discount you’ll need to offer. Consider the method you’ll use to input the address into your database. LoyaltyNoggin can help with this as it’s a loyalty wallet that already has the ability to offer a reward for an email subscription. A customer could present you with a barcode at checkout. You can use an old iPad to offer as an input device with the display locked to your form page. This is an excellent method to use because you’re getting subscriptions from people who have already proven they are interested in your business by purchasing something. Even if you have to write those addresses down on a pad of paper and enter them by hand later, it’s worth doing so. There will be bad addresses collected, using this method, but they are easily removed later.
Ask your social media followers to subscribe to your email newsletter. Many of them will subscribe when asked because they know they are more likely to get your message by email than by any other method. They’ve already demonstrated interest in your content by liking or following your page, but they may not always login to social media and when they do, there may be too much content to cover or the timing may not be quite right. Not everyone enables notifications for social media accounts.
Building your email subscription list is like building your business. It takes time, effort and resources, but the rewards are clear, Email Marketing is the most efficient way to keep your customers engaged, informed and walking through the door.




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